Faithful Preaching is a Gift from God!

peacher 2 jpgTo the unrepentant, worldly hearers, godly and faithful preachers are boring and uninspiring. They would rather have less of the Bible-based preaching. They prefer less confrontational sermons that would not challenge or upset their worldly lifestyle. So they fancy a preacher who is accommodative of worldliness and less passionate about holiness.

The honour of the office of a preacher is not that people would appreciate it, but that it is appointed by God and adorned by His eternal truth, wisdom, righteousness,  grace, power, redemption and glory.

There is no profession as glorious as preaching. It was made glorious by the Son of God and His apostles. They gave themselves wholly to the preaching of God’s Word.

A preacher is called to be God’s mouth-piece everyday on earth. They speak forth as God’s ambassadors on earth. A minister of the Word is a minister of God on earth.

The preacher, his office, his message and his duty might be things of man’s derision; but they are indeed the Lord’s delight and glory. He appoints and nurtures them. He empowers them by His Spirit that they might fulfill their duty.

The absence of spirit-filled, Bible-oriented preaching is a disaster, worse than the lack of bread and water.

To the godly hearers, good and faithful preachers are a great delight and the major subject of thanksgiving and prayer.

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