Why “Barking Dog”?

barking dogSeveral friends asked me why I use “barking dog” as my nickname for my profile in the Facebook, MSN, etc.

Just as the profile picture suggests, the idea is taken from Ecclesiastes 9:4 and Isaiah 56:10-11.

God expects pastors to be the barking dogs of their churches. They must bark at every strange, unbiblical doctrine and practice that enter God’s house.

God contemptuously calls some pastors “greedy dogs!” These are pastors who do not sound out warnings against sin and falsehood. These men are greedy men who care more for their own selves than the souls of men under their charge. They let men perish in their sins.

I am a preacher, by the will of God; and I pray that nothing deters or hinders me from this great honour that He has placed upon me. I count it my greatest honour to declare God’s truth to warn His people against everything that lures them away from His glorious truth and holiness. Nothing is more important to me than fulfilling my God-given duty to warn people against sin and error that they may walk in His grace and truth.  So help me God.

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