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bible reading

Have you been keeping up with the Bible reading program? I am glad to hear from some that they are keeping up with the reading program that I have given out. That is wonderful! Of course, every one has to overcome different kinds of hindrances – laziness, sickness, tiredness, busy school and work schedules, etc. Some have testified that when they have fallen behind the schedule, they took more time during the weekends to catch up with the schedule. That’s real determination and perseverance! “No pain, No gain.” Right?

Here are some tips for you to catch up, if you have fallen behind the schedule.

  • Pray for greater discipline; and seek the Spirit’s help to keep your heart excited toward the truths of God’s Word (cf. Ephesians 1:16-18) .
  • Start reading again from today’s reading. Then whenever you can find time, especially weekends or on Sundays read the portions that you have skipped.
  • Make Bible reading your daily priority. Have a fixed time everyday. It will be good if you can read more on weekends (If possible, be ahead of the schedule, so if you become sick or overly tired in the future, you would not lag behind)
  • Do not procrastinate. Have a “do it now” spirit.
  • Eliminate unnecessary activities to create more time to read the Bible. Cut out certain daily activities which are not important like light reading, TV, video games, internet chats, etc.
  • Get connected with others who are also following the same schedule, and build up mutual accountability. In fact, you can do that by just coming to this blog each week and sharing what you have learned. At least you can indicate your thankfulness to God for the help received in reading the Bible according to the schedule. Or you may request prayers from others, when the going gets tough. Let us encourage one another.

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