Make good use of the weekend

2011 bible blue picDear friends,

Hope that you are keeping up with your Bible reading plan. If you have fallen behind the reading plan, you can try to catch up during weekends, especially on the Lord’s Day. After one’s worship of the Lord and church activities, taking time to read God’s word is an appropriate and blessed way to spend the rest of the Lord’s Day.

I would like to include an advice from a response posted by Bro. Danny Seng:

“Make it a habit . . . reading one chapter before you start the day, and end the day with one more chapter before you retire to bed. If time permits, read an extra chapter so that on days when one is bombarded with extreme work schedule he can still catch up and not be left too far behind.”

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  1. Dear Rev Koshy,

    Really encouraged to hear of your ‘mission’ to read through the Bible in a year. Quite a number of youths here at BPCWA have also embarked on a similar journey. We’re using the daily walk Bible which segments our readings into daily portions, running from Genesis through to Revelations. You can see the the blog set up for it here

    Looking forward to have you over here in July! Maybe we’d be able to share our lessons learnt and encourage each other and maybe even do a kind of review through our Bible readings then.

    God bless

  2. Hi Bro Ling Kang,

    Thank you for your encouragement. I am also excited to a group of youths in Perth are also in ‘Bible-in-a-year’ program. Excellent!

    May the Lord bless your preaching ministry down under. Let us pray for one another.

    1 Timothy 4:15 – “Meditate upon these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.”

    Every blessing in Christ,

    Prabhudas Koshy

  3. Very good advice (: and very true! In a course now that involves so much reading, it’s truly a day of rest when it comes to Sunday and I can focus on reading God’s word and other Christian material.

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