Bible: Treasure Land of Precious Divine Truths.

2011jan1bibleopen aCome! Let us journey through the Bible if the Lord grants us another full year. Without a doubt, it is going to be an awesome experience. Sure, there will be many obstacles to overcome, of which the most difficult will be our own sluggishness and indiscipline. But trusting in His grace, let us venture into this vast treasure land of precious divine truths.

If there is one book that you should read from cover to cover in this New Year, it is the Bible. No other book can refresh, renew and revive your soul like the Bible! Reading the Bible will open us to the absolute truths that no man should miss. God has revealed His truth that His people might read it, know it and live by it.

Will you, as a child of God, remain content without reading the book that God has placed in your hands? Can you afford, as a servant of God, not to know His revealed will that you must know? How can we ever neglect to read the Bible?

We must be well acquainted with His Holy Word. Therefore, we must read all that are therein with great diligence and care. We must seek to know everything in the Bible thoroughly. So let us have a commitment to read through the Scripture.

If you are reading through the Bible for the first time, many things that you will find in it might appear to be difficult to understand. That is not too surprising as it is normal with all who are reading through for the first time. Even though I have been studying the Bible daily for more than two decades, yet today when I read it, I am made aware that there are many more wonderful truths for me to glean. Even though you have read through the Bible many times before, if you read it again, you will notice many things that you have never noticed. Moreover, reading through the Bible will also assure us even more of the things that we have already learned.

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