Grace! How Sweet the Sound!

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To some, the subject of God’s grace is dull and boring. To them, grace is not glorious, but lacklustre. In their hearts, it is no more ‘amazing grace’, but ‘boring grace’!

However, the topic of grace has always excited the hearts of God’s children. All through the ages, they sang about God’s grace as amazing, wondrous, matchless, glorious, charming, etc. ‘God’s grace’ is an exhilarating theme. That’s why some of our most favourite hymns are about the grace of God.

  • John Newton’s (1725-1807) “Amazing grace”
  • Philip Doddridge’s (1720-1751) “Grace!’Tis is a Charming Sound”
  • Julia Johnston’s (1849-1919) “Grace greater than our Sin,”
  • Haldor Lillenas’ (1885-1959) “Wonderful grace of Jesus”
  • Annie Johnson Flint’s (1866-1932) “He giveth more grace”

God’s people have always been fascinated by the abundant grace that God has promised to them. I can’t express fully how enchanted I am when Christians sing those famous hymns on God’s grace, whether it be in a small or large congregation. Even when I sing alone of His grace, whether it is during my devotion or when I am suddenly gripped by the thought of the goodness of His grace in my life and ministry, I am filled with an unspeakable joy.

Just consider the chorus of Haldor’s hymn,

Wonderful the matchless grace of Jesus

Deeper than the mighty rolling sea

Wonderful grace, all sufficient for me, (for even me)

Broader than the scope of my transgressions

Greater far than all my sin and shame

I wonder whether you started singing the above lines, as you were reading it!

What do you say about the grace that God has bestowed in your life?


(God willing, in my next post, we will consider many popular hymns which refer to the grace of God. By the way, these are snippets from of my discourse on “The glory of His grace” in the recent Bible Witness Retreat.)

2 Replies to “Grace! How Sweet the Sound!”

  1. God’s Grace…how sweet it soounds indeed!
    By it through faith from sin’s clutches we’re freed.
    Oh sinner, repent now, do realise and take heed!
    That Jesus Christ the Saviour is thine utmost need.

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