Should a church borrow money to do God’s work?

church debtAll the instructions, promises and patterns that I find in the Bible teach me to answer this question with an emphatic, “No.” All my ministerial experience also says the same.

I find it extremely imprudent to borrow money to do God’s work, because:

  • It portrays our God as One who commands His people to do a work, without providing for it.
  • It expresses distrust in the promises of God that He will provide for His work.
  • It entices the church to rely on rich men and banks for aid.
  • It distracts people from seeking God’s guidance and provision and from being fully dependent on Him.
  • It causes the church to presume that it can engage in any project as long as money is made available through the credit scheme.
  • It brings the church under heavy debt and monetary obligations to its lenders.
  • It allows the church’s programme and plans to be determined and guided by the secular principles and ideologies other than God’s revealed Word of promise and wisdom.
  • It denies a great opportunity to teach its people how to live with contentment and by faith and not on credit.
  • It can bring upon the church relentless stress, unwarranted problems and many distractions from the real path that the Lord would want it to go.

By God’s grace, in Gethsemane B-P Church, we have so many wonderful experiences of God’s unfailing provisions for all the ministries and ministers of the church. Whenever there were needs in the ministries, whether small or big, we prayed and the Lord provided.

Just consider a few of the many needs of our church ministries, which the Lord have provided, without the church looking for any kind of loan. We have acquired our Church Resource Centre for S$600,000/-, without any debt. We purchased two lorries for the Gethsemane Care Ministry for more than S$100,000/. We purchased two church vans, the first one for more than S$80,000/-, and the second one for about S$60,000/. We also bought a small van for our mission church in Cebu, the Philippines for about S$ 24,000/- . Just about a week ago, we reached S$500,000/- for the fund to build a church and a Bible college in Ethiopia; and this amount is in addition to S$270,000/- we raised for the purchase of a piece of land there. Today, the church supports 25 people who are in the full-time ministry. The average monthly rental of our church premises is about S$10,000/-. Last year the church’s total annual expense exceeded S$850,000/- , but the  Lord provided us with more than S$ 875,000/-.

Is it not amazing that a small church of 180 members, could do all these without even borrowing? All of us in Gethsemane know that we are not a group of rich people to meet this kind of huge financial needs in the ministry. Whenever the need arose, we prayed, sometimes even with fasting, and God provided. God is our provider, not banks, nor lenders. We live not on credit, but on His promises. Blessed be His name!

“The God of heaven, He will prosper us; therefore we His servants will arise and build” (Nehemiah 2:20).

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  1. Thank you for this article. For over two years God had been speaking to me about our church’s ‘good deals’ with borrowing money and not having to pay back with any sort of deliberate application to debt clearance. After 2+ years of build-up in my quiet times I stood-up.

    Using this article, the scriptures and other information, I decided that I would be unable to remain a member unless the church leadership was willing to formally put into place a decision to borrow and payback strictly in accordance with the scriptures.

    After taking the matter to church leaders, some of whom became hostile to me over the matter, I withdrew my membership. My courageous wife made her own decision and followed me. a few days later

    Grace and Peace,

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